Sunday, 11 August 2013

Perfect Affair

he was kissing her neck, she was holding tight to his arms, as he started going down, she ran her fingers on his back.
yes he was, he was a surfer, and nothing is hotter than a hot tanned surfer.
she always checked his muscly back from far away, his six packs she always wanted to taste, and that tight ass she couldnt look away. he also knew she was always looking his way, her bikini body took his breath away.

She went his way to start a conversation, with an image in her head biting his neck, he saw her biting her lips from afar, as she came closer wanted to say hello, he grabbed her waist and kissed her hard.
they had an incredible attraction to one another, they couldn't stop feeling, kissing, and holding each other.

They don't talk. they finish making love, and he hold her tight, she fall asleep in his arms as he play gently with her hair.
They were too scared to start a real conversation, that would lead to love, then a relationship.... then fight, then lose this sexy little affair.

it was just a perfect affair and the memory of each and every day of it will just be all about love and sex

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