Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Top10 Jeremy Scott

Let us go back to the 70's with Jeremy Scott...
and check out my Top10 outfit for Jeremy Scott Spring 2014



My TOP 10 Oscar de la Renta

Who doesn't LOVE Oscar de la Renta

Those girly fantastic, chick, and classy dresses will make you drop, thank you Oscar for making dresses look this fabulously elegant and classy
10. So Chick

 9. Adorable
 8. So Oscar
 7. Fashionable business woman
 6. The perfect green dress
5. I couldn't even pick between them, they both win the perfection for the yellow dress
 4. I can party with this Orange
3. Those earings make the dress look more fab than it really is
2. This Dress speaks for itself!

1. Those are my favorite Oscars of all time

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is now officially my favorite this season, Check out all the amazing looks, colors, dresses, and fashion.