Monday, 12 August 2013

Camilla Belle

I have always thought of Camilla Belle is one of the prettiest girls, there is this unique classic thing in her face, classy smile, and charming eyes.

her classic adorable face makes it easy to apply make up and pick whatever kind of girl she wants to be for the day, she can go drama, classic, sweet, or even sexy

She can go Drama with Red Lips, with hair up or down

or More Drama, with Dark Lips

She definitely can pull any Pink Lips off

Check out the Smokey eyes look

Her Sweet look 

Lets not forget our favorite sexy look of her

Happy 21st Cara Delevingne

The British blond magnificent model who is known for her bushy eyebrows Cara Delevingne turned 21. She is the ultimate bad girl, She is a diva, and so real, we totally love her, love her style, love the kid inside her and adore her bad side as well. She is the sexiest of them all, she is hottest of them all, she is and will be the next legend in the fashion industry.

She advertised for Burberry, Zara, H&M, Blumarine, and Chanel.
Catwalked for Shiatzy Chen, Moschino, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Stella McCartney, and Chanel.
Won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012
and did Magazine covers for Rush, Vogue China, Jalouse, Tush, Glamour, Vogue Japan, Vogue Korea, Vogue Potugal, Grazia, Nelly, S Moda,  Vogue Supplement , i-D, Fabulous, Grazia UK, Look, Love, Vogue UK, Miss Vogue, and Emirates Woman.

Yup yup she did alot of Vogues but her latest cover is the September issue for W magazine, where she open up about taking advices from Rihanna and Kate Moss, admits her friends and family worry about her, but as a strong diva Cara says "I can take care of myself" and that she did a good job so far, even though she is known for her wild partying, Cara can take care of herself.

She is also known for her weird faces, here are her top 5 weird faces

No matter how Crazy Cara is, let us not forget her her top Glamorous Moment 




Sunday, 11 August 2013

Perfect Affair

he was kissing her neck, she was holding tight to his arms, as he started going down, she ran her fingers on his back.
yes he was, he was a surfer, and nothing is hotter than a hot tanned surfer.
she always checked his muscly back from far away, his six packs she always wanted to taste, and that tight ass she couldnt look away. he also knew she was always looking his way, her bikini body took his breath away.

She went his way to start a conversation, with an image in her head biting his neck, he saw her biting her lips from afar, as she came closer wanted to say hello, he grabbed her waist and kissed her hard.
they had an incredible attraction to one another, they couldn't stop feeling, kissing, and holding each other.

They don't talk. they finish making love, and he hold her tight, she fall asleep in his arms as he play gently with her hair.
They were too scared to start a real conversation, that would lead to love, then a relationship.... then fight, then lose this sexy little affair.

it was just a perfect affair and the memory of each and every day of it will just be all about love and sex

Monday, 5 August 2013

All is fair in love and war

We fell in love the minute my boyfriend introduced us to each other, I tried to ignore the sound of my heart beating so fast, hide the sparkle in my eyes, a voice in my head just kept screaming, but I was blown away of the beauty of his eyes that I couldn't understand a word of what my head was trying to tell me.

I couldn't stop thinking about those eyes, those lips, the smile...*sigh* thinking about it just took me to another land. and then I wake up and find someone who still loves me sitting right across the room, I tried to hold my feelings, at least freeze those feelings, but every time my boyfriend kissed me I tasted someone else lips. I was ashamed of myself, I felt guilty but this fantasy wouldn't go away.

he started showing up at parties, gatherings, and while hanging out, we became good friends, but deep inside, I wanted to rip his shirt off and kiss that hot body of his. I knew how to hold myself, respect the man I was with, so I kept it all to myself, even though it was eating me alive.

My boyfriend was too busy to take me out on my birthday, so my hot friend did, we had a couple of drinks, talked alot, about family, friends, work, and life. then he drove me home. yes we kissed.

  I couldn't bear the thought of what I did. so I had to put a stop to this and end our friendship. But that didn't help either, The guilt kept on coming back in my dreams, and I felt so disappointed of myself, I couldn't tell a soul. I was so ashamed. so I ended it also with my boyfriend. I had to break up with him, because even if I tell the truth and hurt him a bit I can't also lie that I didn't have feelings for the guy, and that would hurt him even more.

2Months later the hot guy called, finally. He was all over my dreams, all over my day dreams, he asked me out on a proper date, saying he would understand if i say no, knowing i broke up with my boyfriend a couple months ago. I was shameless, but no one knew the real story, I understand that it's really me the bad person here, but I did not mean to kiss him, and I did not want to hurt anyone, and I was the one ended up being hurt, I hurt my boyfriend by breaking up with him but those last couple of months were all about skipping my birthday and forgetting all about our three years anniversary, he was so caught up in his work that he forgot about me, maybe I am selfish but I cannot control real feelings I have.

Hottie took me to the beach, played me music and sang to me. He was interested in every thing I do and I was interested in everything he does. We wanted to be together we wanted to love eachother we wanted to support eachother. Not to support the relationship but to support eachother. We needed eachother and we were there for eachother. We became a WE in no time, we did not plan for it, we did not ask for it. We spent almost everyday together even if we were doing nothing but just the fact that he was there by my side made me feel so safe, I never wanted to let go of his hand. We went to the movies, skating, shopping, bowling, clubbing never tired of eachother, never bored, didn't fight. We were so happy. It was pure love, it was real love
We respected eachother, understood eachother, loved eachother. We took care of eachother, always there for eachother, listened to eachother. This love fulfilled every inch of our hearts. Never wanted more, didn't want any less.

I went away for work, we knew how easy it was for us to live in a long distance relationship. I still had one dream to accomplish and that job had it. I was so pressured with work and had no time to talk on the phone or text anymore. He got bored, he needed me and I wasn't there. I couldn't do anything about it. I had to do it. So he left. Not alone

(His wedding is tomorrow.)

And from that i came to learn WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Karma is a bitch.
I left someone because he was too busy for me and once I found my one and only I was too busy for him so he left.

We both still love each other. But so many things happened that we just cannot get back to each other

I saw him a month before his wedding, it was weird we saw love again. Knowing this love will never happen again. His wife to be seems nice. He admit he loves her. But what made me tear up was when he said not her not anyone will ever be you. And what we had was so special it comes to you once in a life time. We will never forget each other. Not a day come by without thinking about each other. Forever our love will be hidden in our hearts

P.S : All pictures are by Shamekh Bluwi

Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy August Do List

I decided to start a list to do each month, simple things, to change a routine, and finish small things I've been delaying, or don't have the time for it. by the end of each month I can come back to my list and check whats been done and whats not.

So Starting with AUGUST:

1. Learn a bit of French
It's nice to learn a new language, I'm sure I can't be fluent in a month but to start learning a new language would be great. At least learn the basics

2. Save Money
To have a saving account is a must, and to put a little every month is a must, even if it was a hundred dollar bill. at the end of the year you will have an amount that you can use to buy the expensive shoes you want or the bag you dream about.

3. Finish all my work tasks for the month
To not be late with my tasks, to not let them get to the month after, put your own dead-lines.

4. Take a Salsa Class
You don't need to take the whole course, you can just attend a class or two to break your routine and let go of your work stress

5. Work Out every morning for 30 minutes.
I always skip working out which is really bad, This August I want to work out every morning and see the results at the end of the month. Drink 2L of water, and try as much as I can to eat healthy, I'm not on a diet, and I must admit I eat alot of junk, and the fact that I'm getting older doesn't make this healthy at all, so before I start a whole regular diet I need to start watching what i eat.

6. Go on a date
I'm not into the dating game, but to get out on a date at least once a month, a blind date or someone you barely know,get to know someone new, talk about yourself, if you don't like them that much you can still stay friends, but the dressing up game and to dress to impress is always fun and we all need that

7. Have a girls night out at least once a week
Dress up real nice, go out with your girls, Talk about your week, your crsuh, your friends, let go of your feelings and stress.

8. Buy a New Dress or a new Shoes, and a new lipstick
New things will always make you feel good. and you deserve new things

9. Go to the beach
pick a weekend and head to the beach, listen to music and relax under the sun

10. Try a new outfit
Try to go out with something you never thought you could, maybe too sexy or maybe too bold, or  at least try a new nail polish. Always try to break your routine

and Don't forget to take Lotsa Pictures !!