Thursday, 6 June 2013


Every girl has to date one  BAD BOY either she get out and survive or get stuck forever. All girls around the world love bad boys, i mean who wouldn't?. but are you strong enough to stay away?. ......NO!!...... because a girl can never get the Anti-Bad Boy Love til she fall for one!

My personal experience was when I was 17, we were childhood friends/lovers and I only got to see him in the summer but we were 12 and 13 back then. at age 17 we started this weird relationship. he was madly in love with me, sweetest thing ever, with the kindest heart.... Yes he was a bad boy. He got so madly in love with this jealousy thing, doubts me with every move, when I thought love was so simple, you can do whatever you want and I trust you and I do the same, specially that I started university with all my new experiences and friends.

he used to get so mean,and it goes FROM screaming at me, shouting, and pulling me from my arm, TO "I'm so sorry sweety I love you please forgive me, I will do anything for you, blablabla" and I had to fall for that every time. he was my only best friend (and this is the biggest mistake a girl could make) . but I did love him.

Once he was so mad at me he carried me in the street because I wouldnt listen to him when he wanted me to walk with him for some reason, and then when he put me down he was screaming at me and all that. and then he looked at me and I was soo mad and freezing outside. he took off his jacket and gave it to me while it was snowing. and then we hugged and everything got better..

and stuff like that went on and on and on.... til one day he was so angry, he came to my place ( and I remember the reason was so stupid ) he pulled me from my hair, hit me, and left! it was the first time he hit me, but that doesn't make it okay.

and i remember i was looking straight to his eyes when he was pulling me, I saw someone else. I was sure he wasnt the same person inside. I got back home and not a single tear dropped, then I knew it wasnt even worth it.

he called and called, apologized, begged and did everything he could. but then I made up my mind. I had to change my phone number and everything. I was scared when I left him, he is a scary, crazy man or he could be..

I didnt tell anyone about what happened, not even my sisters, all I said was that we broke up.

7 months later, someone was tapping me in the back, i look behind me and there he was with his amazing  Eyes, it took me 10 seconds to catch my breath, he walked thinking I just don't wanna say anything, I grab his arm, he turned around, I jump... and we hugged like we never did before, the tightest real hug I have ever experienced, he apologized, told me he missed me and then he had to go back to his date, when I got back to my friends, I couldn't give him my number. then he left the place, and I knew in my heart that he was coming back for me, so I had to leave the place so I would never know and he wouldn't take my number, and I wont get weaker. And again... Not a single tear. I knew then I was growing stronger

after that I promise you I stay away from bad boys.
nerdy looks and cute boys now attracts me more.. I enjoy looking at bad boys I'm telling you for sure, but those are just for my Eye-Candy ;)

I survived, but alot of girls didnt, I dont think its only about physical abuse, emotional abuse is as bad as the physical one.
Bad boys are like drugs, you can get addicted to one of them, but you need to get out as fast as you could before something bad happens.
Stay away from them forever. cause once your in your in!

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