Monday, 17 June 2013

10 ways to wear the must have WHITE JEANS

White Pants for summer is a MUST.
but it's always easier to pick an outfit with blue jeans, Here are 10 idea's for White Jeans Outfits

1. with a touch of PINK.
I mean what girl doesn't like PINK, This shade of pink is just so simple and cute.

2. GREEN, with a bit of brown accessories will make the outfit look better,
and if you are going out at night make your brown go GOLD, gold will always look elegant with those white pants.

3. Navy Blue, to make the outfit look summery a hint of Orange, or yellow will make those white pants ready for summer.

4. GREY, Casual day with grey can be as just as summery with a touch of yellow or pink, my two favorites colors for the summer.

5. CHAMBRAY SHIRTS, DUH, goes with casual.
 and with brown heels everything can go right 

6. High Light those jeans with RED

7. NUDE with white jeans, is HOT, and if you add some Nude Pumps, Rockies, Heels will make it look even hotter!!


9. Make it COLORFUL for this Summer

10. and you can also White Things up, didn't I mention White is the new Black this Summer ;)

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