Thursday, 25 July 2013

100 years ago Chanel Started

Karl Lagerfeld made a short film "Once Upon a time" about Coco Chanel when she first started, he chose Keira Knightley to play Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

Gave everyone their lines moments before shooting the film. 

In Coco Chanel's first shop in 1913 some ladies diss Coco's unique style of hats, and then it shows how Coco interact with the ladies coming to her store and how she was an inspiration for women in the city with her unique designs.

Suddenly Coco's hats and designs are the new glamor in the city, ladies are inspired and falling in love with her designs. 

Enjoy 18 minutes of Chanel from Karl. 

Then Karl decided to make another short film, "Women Only" about women coming to see the film "Once upon a time".

Cara was seen twice in two different looks. some people thought it was boring, for me I was enjoying looking at the clothes, bags, and jewels.

Didn't like the music much, but that didn't distract me from those fabulous pieces from Chanel.


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